Welcome to Gem Tomato Sales
Since 1982 our organization has been dedicated to the marketing and promotion of fresh market vine-ripened summertime tomatoes!

It's No Secret!
Tomato lovers everywhere recognize that the long warm days and cool nights provide freshness and flavor that sets summertime apart from the rest of the seasons.

From Seed to Harvest...
Plants are started from seed and nurtured to maturity. Each fruit is hand picked at the peak of flavor and quickly delivered, avoiding long refrigeration periods that can destroy great tomato taste.
We hope you enjoy our products and your visit to our site.
Gary E. Margolis, President
GEM Tomato Sales, Inc.

Our Story
Following a rich family tradition and recognizing increasing consumer demand for locally grown vine ripened tomatoes, Gem Tomato Sales was founded in 1982.
For nearly a quarter century we have followed the seasonal harvest beginning in Florida and progressing Northward cultivating long term relationships with leading farm families. With reliable supply from multiple states, progressive packaging options and overnight delivery to most major markets, regional promotions proved to be a powerful marketing tool. Sales continued to climb and today, as demand for locally grown products reach new heights we remain committed to providing consumers with an abundant supply of premium quality, safe and reasonably priced fresh tomatoes. A truly satisfying summertime experience.
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